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Jewelry embraces your beauty and compliments your elegance with uniqueness. Every pearl, every gem defines you and your style for every occasion. It’s not just decoration, it’s you at your finest, and here at Lucy Jewelry, we strive to deliver the best and make you feel you again. With our vast range of brilliant 925 Silver jewelry collection at affordable wholesale prices. Our stocks are full of world-class sterling silver jewelry and accessories that consist of bestselling 925 silver bangles & bracelets, 925 sterling silver necklaces, earrings, and other exclusive eye-candy products with special discounts.

Most Trending Wholesale 925 Silver Jewelry Collections

We at Lucy Jewelry, continuously research the market for trendy fashion designs to add to our 925 Silver Jewelry series. Our collection also features occasional products like sterling silver engagement rings with a plethora of size options to ensure that your special day remains unique. We have a product for every need whether its earrings, necklaces, bracelet, or pendant, Lucy Jewelry is here to help you find the best jewelry at affordable prices.

Here are some of the lingering silver ornament that we deliver to your doorstep:

925 Sterling Silver Women Wedding Ring with 1 Carat Cubic Zirconia

It’s a gleaming piece of handcraft that is waiting to be placed on your partner’s finger and create a moment of love and joy in your life. This fashion jewelry comes in 4 different sizes and is available with customizable order: 925 Sterling Silver Women Wedding Ring with 1 Carat Cubic Zirconia

925 Sterling Silver Natural Pearl Necklace

We understand the delicacy of beauty and hereby proudly present this piece of freshwater Pearl ornament wrapped in the sterling silver. It is the perfect gift to your loved ones and an astounding anniversary present that comes along with an adequate chain length: 925 Sterling Silver Natural Pearl Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Classic Style Freshwater Pearl Earrings for Women

This pair of beautiful earrings showcase its white pearl beauty on your tender ears. Its lightness cares for your ears and stays clipped to your ears without damaging the earlobes: 925 Sterling Silver Classic Style Freshwater Pearl Earrings

High Quality 925 Sterling Silver Luxury Bracelet for Women

An ornament that speaks for itself. It’s simplicity, and boundless brilliance sits perfectly on your wrists with correct spacing. It packs all its beauty in just a lightweight of 15.4 g, so comfort never becomes an issue in the dining parties: High Quality 925 Sterling Silver Luxury Bracelet

Why go with Lucy Jewelry?

Lucy Jewelry is not just known for alluring and unique ornament designs but is also widely accepted for friendly customer service that prioritizes customer satisfaction and long term partnership. We ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your comfort. Our executives will consult with your needs quickly after receiving your inquiry to help you match up with trendy designs that suit your purpose. Lucy Jewelry also gives away free shipping services and exclusive discounts on all orders above certain order levels. We wholeheartedly provide large shipment orders of our wholesale 925 silver jewelry series and believe in establishing long-term partnerships.

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